Founded by Creative & Conscious Yoga Teachers. With emphasis on finding our true 'Self' through yoga, meditation and healthy wellness practices. The Soulful Life will manifest the tools for you to live a more happy and empathetic life in both physical and mental domains.

Headed up by Yoga Teacher Ella, inspired with the help of her Yoga Teacher Mother Celia. You will find both of them working on the retreats & days. With 30 years between them you get the perspective of Yoga from two different vantage points. We love working with other yoga teachers on beautiful experiences, so please get in touch if you would like to work together.

If you are practicing yogi or even complete beginner we want to bring together like minded people who love nature. People want to ground themselves and connect back to their own roots through love, nature and creativity. Let us brighten your world. We will practise balance within a loving, open and welcoming environment!